Doggy daycare rates

Doggy daycare rates

Dog owners are always faced with a tough dilemma when they have to travel or go on vacation. Indeed, it is not always possible to take your pet with you when you are away from home. So, when you travel, you need to find a pet sitting solution for your companion, so that he doesn’t feel too lonely and to take care of him.

What are the solutions for dog care? How much does it cost to board a dog? What are the rates for foster care? Discover the complete guide to looking after a dog when you are away from home or on vacation: the rates for dog care in a foster home, boarding school or by a pet-sitter.

1- The different types of dog sitting services: formulas and prices

The budget you have to spend for the care of your dog will mainly depend on the type of care you have chosen. You will then have to take into account the duration and the services offered. Before setting a certain amount, you should review all the types of dog daycare services offered in your area or near your home. Discover the comparison of the formulas and prices of the various solutions of guard for your dog.

1-1 Pet-sitting or dog sitting at home

This operation consists in having a private individual or a pet-sitter come to your home to take care of your dog during your absence. By choosing this solution, two options are available to you:

Either the pet-sitter comes to your home during your absence. In this case, it is a home sitting.

Or the pet-sitter will have to come several times to your home to feed and take care of your dog, spend time with him and walk him.

1-2 The advantages of pet-sitting

Although it is not the most famous type of pet-sitting, it has considerable advantages, both for you and for your pet. Indeed, your pet’s habits will not be disturbed. Since dogs are sensitive to change, this option allows them to remain in their daily comfort. In addition, the pet-sitter will not only keep an eye on your pet, but will also take care of your home.

1-3 Pet-sitting rates

As for the rate, it is up to the provider to set it, taking into account his travel expenses and additional expenses to be set aside for your dog. This can be food or health expenses, which you will have to reimburse on invoice. To have an idea of the budget to be devoted, it will be necessary to count between 10 euros and 25 euros per day, according to the duration of the guarding and the proposed services.

The prices proposed for the care of your dog at home are always expressed per day. Therefore, you just have to multiply the daily rate of a pet-sitter by the number of days you will be away from home.

1-4 Conditions for choosing a pet-sitter

The pet-sitting profession is highly regulated. Thus, it is mandatory for this service provider to have a certificate of competence that attests to his or her knowledge of the physiological, biological and behavioral needs and care of your pet.

It is essential to find the right pet-sitter who will take good care of the dog during your absence. For this, there are many services that put dog owners and pet-sitters in contact with each other with ratings and reviews.

2- Dog boarding

By dog boarding, we mean a structure managed by specialists and professionals in dog care. This establishment can welcome several dogs at the same time. Dog boarding is the cheapest way to keep your dog for a week or more. Here are the information and rates for dog boarding.

2-1 The different types of dog boarding

The canine pension is divided into several categories, according to the quality of service proposed. We can find kennels called “kennel”, up to the “luxury” kennels. These last ones propose a private garden most of the time.

There are also the so-called “family” kennels, which are kennel structures where the number of boarders is limited.

2-2 Prices for boarding dogs

Depending on the standing of the structure and the activities proposed, the boarding for dogs can cost between 12 and 25 euros per day. Generally speaking, the more reputable the dog boarding facility is and the more services it offers, the higher the rate will be.

3- Foster care

This technique consists in entrusting your dog to a private individual to take care of him in his own home. There are now several websites that offer this service and put you in touch with a foster family.

This option is often a more advantageous solution than pet-sitting.

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