Dog that does not obey, what to do ?

Dog that does not obey, what to do ?

A dog that does not obey can quickly become a problem, because if he refuses to cooperate, he can turn your life into hell. Note, however, that disobedience is not a fatality, and that the problem does not necessarily come from him. To remedy the problem, you must first identify why he refuses to cooperate, and act accordingly.

How do you deal with a disobedient dog What should be done to correct rebellious behavior How do you get him to obey Find out how to react to a dog that doesn’t obey, and how to remedy it.

1- Dogs that don’t obey – Fix the problem at the source

First of all, you should know that a disobedient dog is not a bad dog. In most cases, disobedience and rebellion are the result of a failure. And this failure can have several causes communication, authority and control.

1-1 Disobedience, a communication problem

Yes, we must not forget one important detail dogs do not speak the same language as we do. So when you talk to him as if you were talking to a child, don’t expect him to cooperate. Because he is not a child and he does not necessarily understand what you are saying. In other words, your dog does not disobey, he simply does not understand what you want from him.

What can you do about it The only way to solve a communication problem is to address your dog in an appropriate manner. That is, by giving short, precise and firm instructions. All of this without being aggressive and without raising your voice.

1-2 Dog that doesn’t obey, a control problem

The second reason for a dog’s disobedience is a lack of control. This problem is mostly due to a failure in the animal’s education. In other words, he was not sufficiently or not at all educated when he was old enough to be educated. Result he has no concept of discipline or rules. Therefore, he does not understand that he must obey when you give orders.

This kind of problem is typical for abandoned dogs. But sometimes it’s the way the owner has raised him that is to blame. The fact is that we don’t necessarily have the skills or the knowledge to perfect the education of an animal.

On the other hand, it is important to know that you have to be firm from the beginning when training a dog. When you are too permissive, you end up making him understand that he can do whatever he wants in the end.

1-3 Dogs that don’t obey, an authority problem

And finally, a dog’s rebellious behavior can be explained by a lack of authority. Simply put, it means that he doesn’t see you as his master. And consequently, that in your relationship, it is he who takes the place of the dominant.

He will not obey your orders, because he expects you to follow his wishes. The proof When he runs in the park, and you tell him to come back, aren’t you the one who runs after him anyway

A problem of authority often comes from this lack of consistency in the instructions and orders given. How can you make a dog understand that he must not jump on people, when you stroke his head at the same time when he does it Because by doing so, you are not only rewarding him, but also encouraging him.

2- Dog that doesn’t obey – what to do about it ?

Please note that yelling at him or showing aggressive behavior is not the solution. By doing so, you will reinforce the fault that is causing his disobedient behavior.

2-1 Obedience goes hand in hand with complicity

Your dog doesn’t obey? If you want to encourage him to cooperate, you need to get closer to him. It’s by showing him that you do indeed love him that you can get the best out of him.

So start by increasing the amount of time you spend together: plan daily walks, and times to play and do activities with him. The more he gets attached to you, the more he’ll want to please you, and therefore, obey you.

2-2 Use effective communication

That’s right! You must learn to make yourself understood. And for that, avoid long sentences and diversified vocabulary. Don’t try to teach your dog a whole vocabulary in one day either. Take it slow and go one command at a time.

For example, if you want your dog to sit, just say “sit,” not “I want you to sit. And don’t change this command all the time. If you say “sit” today and “sit” tomorrow, you will confuse your dog. So, one command at a time, with the same wording.

Also, take the time to practice and wait until he has learned it before moving on to a new instruction. Very important too, every time he obeys you, reward him. And in the opposite case, each time he disobeys you, remain consistent in your words and in your actions. Show him that you are not happy.

2-3 Make sure he has everything he needs

Sometimes your dog doesn’t obey because his mind is simply elsewhere. So make sure he’s not hungry or thirsty during your exercise. Also, make sure he doesn’t want to go to the bathroom. Otherwise, it will be hard for him to concentrate and understand you.

Finally, make sure he’s healthy and fit. If he’s tired or in pain somewhere, obeying you will be the last thing on his mind. His priority will be to get relief.

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