Cart for handicapped dog

Cart for handicapped dog

This small metal frame that we see attached to dogs that have often lost the use of their hind legs, we see more and more in the parks. For those of us who don’t know it yet, this frame is nothing else than a cart for disabled dogs. And it has become a must-have accessory for any pet with mobility issues.

What is it? What is it for? In which case to use it ? Which model to choose ? Quid on the cart for handicapped dog.

1- What is a cart for handicapped dogs ?

The dog cart is an accessory. It comes in the form of a small carriage equipped with two wheels, intended to be attached to the dog’s hindquarters.

2- The different types of dog carts

There are two types on the market :

* The cart for handicapped dogs, which is intended for animals that have permanently lost the use of their hind legs.
* The rehabilitation cart, which is intended for dogs with temporary mobility problems, and which therefore need to be rehabilitated.

Customized or adjustable ?

For reasons of comfort, stability and safety, it is essential that the cart used is perfectly adapted to the size of the dog that will be wearing it. That’s why, when you buy your dog’s cart, you must also choose between a custom-made model and an adjustable one.

You should know that they both have their advantages and disadvantages. Note however that if there are standard and adjustable models on the market, some of them remain incompatible with certain breeds of dogs. In this case, opting for the custom-made model seems to be the ideal solution.

3- What is the purpose of a dog carrier for disabled dogs?

Naturally lively and dynamic animal, being immobilized can be destructive for your dog’s morale. And this, whether it is because of an accident or for health reasons.

The good news is that today, despite his handicap, it is possible to allow him to move, run and frolic in the park again. All this is possible thanks to the famous dog cart.

The latter is often used to compensate for the absence of legs, or the impossibility of using the legs (especially the back legs).

4- When does the cart become indispensable?

As its name indicates, the dog cart is a practical solution when circumstances beyond your control have made your pet “handicapped”.

4-1 Following an accident

This can be due to a traffic accident. If your pet has been hit by a car and has lost the use of its hind legs, a dog carrier is an excellent alternative to euthanasia. It will allow the animal to get around despite everything.

4-2 Following an illness

Certain diseases such as degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, paralysis and herniated discs can lead to a permanent loss of mobility in dogs. Here again, the dog carrier will allow the dog to live as normally as possible, even with the consequences of the disease.

5- When to use the dog carrier ?

The dog carrier is recommended in two cases :

When the animal can no longer move, because it is paralyzed or because – following an accident – it has lost one or both of its back legs. It is therefore unable to move on all fours.
When the animal cannot move, because following an illness or an accident, it has suffered a temporary loss of mobility. The cart can then help in the rehabilitation.

How much does a cart for disabled dogs cost ?

The price of a dog cart is quite high. To get one, you have to invest between 300 € and 2500 €, depending on the size of the dog and the model chosen. Custom-made carts are much more expensive than adjustable carts.

That is why, if you need one for rehabilitation, it may be more interesting to rent the cart than to buy it. Some rehab centers rent them for about $250-300 per month.

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