Adopting a dog while working

Adopting a dog while working

Adopting a dog when you work is not really obvious. The dog, like work, requires time, especially during the day. And unfortunately, it is very difficult to choose one over the other. Moreover, in order not to have to make this choice, many people prefer simply to do without a pet.

And yet, combining a dog at home with a professional life is not impossible. However, since it is out of the question to leave him alone at home for 8 hours in a row, it is essential to find solutions for the arrangement, especially in terms of the timetable, to make it work.

1- Adopting a dog while working: the dangers of solitude

It’s particularly difficult to combine work and puppyhood. And this, for a simple reason: you can’t leave a dog alone at home for a whole day. Be careful, nothing says that he can’t survive it. Indeed, it will not die as long as it has food and water. But that said, even if solitude won’t kill him, it doesn’t mean that it can be good for him.

Why? The dog is a naturally social animal. He needs contact, interaction with others, and especially with his owners to be psychologically fulfilled. In other words, leaving him alone, left to himself for several hours is unnatural. And the consequences can be serious.

If he is too bored, to begin with, he will certainly try to deceive this by having fun. This will usually result in excessive barking, a tendency to destroy objects in the house, urinating all over the place, etc. In short, it is the risk to find, every evening, a real mess at home.

But beyond the boredom, it is the psychological after-effects that should be the most alarming. The prolongation of the solitude can indeed lead to an anxiety of separation, which will itself lead to an emotional dependence and hyper attachment. As time goes by, the animal may lose its verve, and may even go so far as to stop eating in the absence of its master.

2- What are the solutions if you want to adopt a dog when you work?

It’s all a question of will and compromise. As soon as you are ready to make the necessary sacrifices, there is no reason why the cohabitation should fail.

2-1 Give him toys

Are you planning to leave your dog home alone? To relieve his boredom, and prevent destructive behavior, start by providing him with toys. Without them, your dog will probably attack your shoes and your husband’s socks to relieve his boredom.

So provide plenty of toys for him to play with and expend his excess energy in your absence. Leave a few treats for him as well.

2-2 Make time for him

Whether you like it or not, you’ll need to spend time with your dog. Try to arrange your schedule so that you can be with your dog at least twice a day. As a naturally active animal, your dog does need to be walked at least twice a day to exercise. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a pet that’s as excited as a flea at night.

So you can arrange to spend at least 40 minutes a day with him. For example, you can get up early in the morning and take your pet for a morning walk. And you can pop in during lunch to take her on a second walk. Although short, these short walks can make a big difference.

2-3 Take it with you!

Yes, it is possible to bring your dog to work. Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of the presence of an animal in the workplace. That’s why many companies now accept it without much difficulty.

So, unless you work in the public administration or food sector, you can take him with you. But only if he is well trained, clean and calm. Otherwise, he’ll turn your workplace into a battleground. If not, take the time to find out and to avoid problems, make sure you have the approval of your supervisors. If they agree, don’t forget to get insurance for him too.

2-4 Hire a walker

Taking a morning walk shouldn’t be a problem. On the other hand, popping home to walk your dog at noon is not going to be easy. This is especially true if the workplace is far away.

In this type of situation, there are only two solutions: either you ask a neighbor or close family member to walk your dog at noon, or you hire a professional dog walker. Many people now offer this service for a small fee. You can ask them to come to your home or place of work so they can walk your dog, and bring it back to you afterwards.


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